Our services rendered to our clients include rigging of:-

  • Injection Moulder (plastic companies)
  • CNC Machinery
  • Conventional machinery (milling machines, lathes, drilling machines, boring mills, planers etc.)
  • Woodwork machinery
  • Metal work presses and guillotines
  • Laser cutting machinery
  • Robots
  • Body shop presses for the automotive industry (presses ranging from 5 tons – 200 tons.
  • Ovens (glass industry)
  • Stranding machines (wire / cable industry)
  • Tanks (gas companies)
  • Tanks, filling machines, pasteurizers, labeling machines etc. (dairy product companies)
  • Printing equipment
  • Containers & site offices
  • Measuring tables
  • These are a few of our services which we are able to provide.

Vehicles & Trailers

At present our fleet of rigging vehicles consists of:-

  • At present our fleet of rigging vehicles consists of:-
  • 2 X  Mercedes Benz Horses with 8 ton cranes
  • Mercedes Benz Crane Trucks with lifting capacities ranging from 6 tons – 22 tons
  • 10 ton Forklift
  • 4 ton Forklift
  • 6 x 2.5 ton Forklifts
  • Man Horse with 21T Metre Crane
  • Superlink Trailers
  • Drawbar trailers which we are able to tow behind our crane trucks
  • Stepdeck trailers which we can tow behind our horse or crane truck
  • Extendable stepdeck trailers with air suspension
  • This trailers are able to extend to 13,5 metres below the neck ideally suited for tanks
  • The air suspension allows for transporting of fragile machinery
  • 75 Ton Lowbed


Rigging Equipment

Our rigging equipment consists of the following:-

  • Each crane truck is fully equipped with the following
  • Steering set & crawlers
  • Jacks
  • Slings
  • Shackles
  • Steel plates
  • Additional equipment for specialized work
    • Sets of steering sets and crawlers with urethane coated wheels which are utilized in areas where floors are tiled, painted or epoxy coated.
    • Various chain blocks
    • Tirfors
    • Railway lines & sleeper blocks for heavy loads & confined spaces
    • Soft slings for delicate machinery e.g. Measuring tables
    • Cradles for tanks


400 Ton 2 Legged Lift System Gantry

  • Specially designed for lifting heavy equipment such as presses and injection moulders.
  • This gantry is hydraulically operated and is driven by gas operated power pack.
  • This enables us to work in areas where no contamination is allowed (i.e. diesel fumes).
  • Gantry has an operating height of 8 metres but can be increased by placing on tracks.


Abnormal Loads Collecting/Deliveries To Harbors

  • We have the necessary permits which allow us to collect or deliver cargo from P.E. Harbour.
  • We are able to transport breakbulk as well as containers to and from the harbour.
  • Abnormal cargo (tanks, machinery) can be transported by us by means of our various truck trailer combinations with the correct permits and escorts in place where need be.


Turn Key Projects

  • We have undertaken many projects which includes electrical and mechanical disconnection, relocating of the machinery, cleaning & painting, reconnecting, leveling, aligning (laser if necessary) and commissioning.



  • We have an independent safety auditing company which evaluates our company every three months.
  • This is to ensure that we are able to operate according to the prescribed safety standards.
  • Our slings / chains / lifting equipment is checked and load tested as prescribed and all are supplied with load test certificates.
  • Vehicle operating licenses, forklift licenses and rigging certificates are in order.
  • We have a qualified First Aid Officer available.


Our Staff

  • 1 x Managing Director
  • 1 x Operational Director
  • 3 x Operations Managers
  • 10 x Rigging Crews (each vehicle has it`s own rigging crew)
  • 2 x Mechanics
  • Debtors Department
  • Creditors Department 


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